Sunday, March 20, 2005

Dr Nag's new house

Well, this turned out to be Christ School boys reunion >>

For all the snaps, visit here.

Christ school entrance
Dr Nagraj, or rather Koli as we call him, invited us to the house-warming ceremony today. I went upto Christ School (where all of us studied) and called him to come over and guide me to his new house. In the meantime, I managed to take this snap of the school from outside the gate.

Dr Nagraj's new 3-storeyed house
Look, here is the new house or rather, building (the ground floor and a room on the terrace are not visible here).

Hey, we're proud to be Christites!
In order from left to right:
Dr. Nagraj, Umesh Kumar, Raghu (I guess), donno who, Jai Ganesh, Lokesh, Biju Prasad, Girish V, Licto Thomas, Sridhar (that's me), Radhakrishnan, Umesh Babu, Ashok Chacko, Boban, Mohan Naik - and Manjunath is clicking this photo!
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