Thursday, March 17, 2005

On Cloud 10

Today's prediction for my astro sign Taurus in The Times of India goes like this:

"Your ruling planet is packing its bags today to shift to the next sign for growth. Good sense of humour (er, do I have it?) and charm will get you along in most of your matters. You will be the centre of attention today. Your work and efforts too will be appreciated. So enjoy the day."

I read this section most of the days and for me, it's vaguely true 60-70% of the times. Today, it's 100% and I did enjoy the day (still am)! For superstitious and emotional reasons , I'm not disclosing to most people why I'm on cloud 10 (not even 9!) today...

Hopefully everything should go well this time!

[Interesting - look, here is what it says today - 19 Mar 05]: "It is a weekend and planet Mars is charging up your career. From now onwards, you'll be very busy. Get ready to take on challenges in life that will set you off in a totally new direction in life. You will get to actually see the amazing rewards in six months from now. You'll be climbing the ladder of success." Amen.

Not that I trust them, but I let myself feel good if they write some nice things occasionally!
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