Sunday, March 13, 2005

Reel Vs Real Story

For me, this Sunday morning was straight out of a Hindi movie - but none of us would've preferred it this way.

A boy missing since yesterday afternoon - after office hours. Frantic calls. Police complaints. Their house in an anxious state. Others are worried. And another phone call this after noon says a girl missing. She was from the same college. A critical question: Are these 2 co-related incidents? Nobody knows for sure - even now. The boy is Raghu's (my brother) close friend and the girl his classmate.

However, the flashback incidents lead us to believe they could be...and at this moment, all of us are tense.

13 Mar: An update is that both of them are safe and together(as suspected) - and are in an unconfirmed place. It seems the girl was engaged earlier but she is in love with this chap. And this was their take on getting the elders to the negotiating table - they're talking over the phone, according to sources.

18 Mar: All seems to be quiet at this moment - both have returned back home safely. No idea on the deals so far.

More updates as and when we get them.
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