Tuesday, March 22, 2005

US snubs India, says Modi visa denial stays

NEW DELHI: US on Monday stuck to its stand of denying visa to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi despite India's request for review of the decision.

However, Washington maintained that the decision applied only to Modi and not to his party BJP or the Gujarati community. "The Ministry of External Affairs requested the Department of State to review the decision to revoke his (Modi's) tourist/business visa. Upon review, the State Department reaffirmed the original decision," US Ambassador to India David C Mulford said.
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For a moment, let's keep aside what Modi did or rather did not do during Gujarat riots. Every one of us should think about this:
  • If somebody does not want us to visit them, then don't we have the self-respect to avoid it altogether? We stand humiliated further when US says with a mischievious pride that they have denied the visa even after a review.

  • This one is for the Indian policy makers: Has India got the guts to deny visa to Mr.Bush citing all his misadventures in Iraq while searching in vain for weapons of mass destruction - which led to nothing but huge loss to human life and property, not to mention human rights abuse by their soldiers.
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