Wednesday, April 27, 2005

[18 Apr 05] Deepak's engagement

Well Deepak - I gave you enough time to host your snaps and announce it to the world - but you've not gone live so far. So, please excuse for releasing 2 snaps - without your permission or something like that!

Folks - Deepak and Rashmi have studied in the same school and college (to some extent); were seeing each other since past 1 year or so; and now - they plan to wed in the next year (as per Deepak himself). This was a family event with all relatives from both the sides (it's tempting to host all the other beautiful snaps - but I'll let Deepak do it :-). Unfortunately, I was missing in the party since I had to finish off my 3rd Sem exams for MS at BITS-PILANI.

Deepak with his finacee Rashmi...congratulations and best wishes!
Deepak and Rashmi

And the party along with Deepak's mom...
Deepak and Rashmi with his mom

[1 May 05] Deepak and Rashmi have released some more snaps...take a look!
More snaps
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