Friday, April 29, 2005

[28 Apr 05] hpshopping outing

[5 May 05: Update] - Got some more snaps...

hpshopping Team - at an outing to Club Cabana on Bellary Road off Bangalore.
hpshopping Team

We did a lot of things - Swimming(I don't know how to), Basket Ball, Bowling, Chess, Carrom, Badminton, Tennis - apart from shouting and eating a lot. There were post-lunch events - where 4 teams of 25 each had 15 minutes to present something. The best part was the antakshari in the bus while returning - it was awesome!

Ice-breaking exercise - we leave all our footwear, have to pick a mismatching pair (not our own), then form a circle with neighbours who have the matching footwear on both our sides - then, we finally pick up our own.
When the excercise was announced...
Ice-breaking exercise

Searching for our neighbours...
Ice-breaking exercise

That's me - supposed to be a tapori!
That's me - tapori
That's me - tapori!

That's a fashion show!
Fashion show!

The BIGGIES - (from left to right): Program Managers Prakash Iyer and Satish Guttikonda, then skipping 1 person, is their boss in yellow - (BU Head) Bharani Prasad - and the rest of our team with them.
The Biggies

Back to the future!
Back to the future!

Hey - it was fun!
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