Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Kiran's engagement

Last Sunday (10 April 05) Kiran got officially engaged to Latha who is from SriRangapattana near Mysore. They are to wed on July 13 05 - all the best to Kiran and his family!

Kar, Chetu, Mahendra, Shashi and me were there - and hogged the food very well. I must mention that it was unique protocol they followed to serve food - which ensured nobody wasted any in the end.

You would notice that there is no picture of this ceremony here - that's the funny part here - none of us had got our cameras thinking that others would get it (for the last week's UVCE meet, all of us had the cameras and it was a case of too many to handle).

I would like to present an extract from Kiran's own words on how he feels about marriage and his choice of Latha - on why he specifically chose not to marry a software engineer (like his brother Arun did).
Kiran - please excuse :-)

"One of my girl selection criteria was that she should not be a software engineer. Which indirectly meant that the girl should not be a BE. Yes, I can't cut s/w jokes with her as I do with my brother and sister-in-law. But, honestly, you get a different perspective about the world when you talk to a non-techie. As I told Karthik the other day, Latha talks a LOT. And none of this is related to software.

Change is so much part of life. As long as things change for the good, we should be happy. When we (Kiran and our friend Manjesh - who studied in same college before UVCE) met each other the first time, we were so unsure of the future at that time. All we knew was that getting a computer science seat at UVCE will help us get a decent job. The four years that went by happened so fast. Then another 3 and half years of work to make sure we have a good job, earn some money and have a status in society. We spend time with a lot of people at different stages of life.

Also, as we meet new people at different stages of life, we are looked upon differently. The 'kiran' that my parents know is different from the 'kiran' that my school friend knows. Now, Latha knows a 'kiran' that is unknown to anybody. Its so amazing that the same person can be so different. This also is related to the change you mentioned.

Yes, we have come a long way. When you mentioned the events of the past, I too remember the trips we went together, one to Kemmannugundi and one to Agumbe. Simply unforgettable. Hope we can go on more trips together.

As far as marriage is concerned, its a matter of sooner or later. Like Karthik, I too resisted pressure from home for a long time. The intensity increased after Arun left to US. Finally I succumbed to the pressure. But I have no regrets. This is inevitable. Again, as Karthik said sometime back, ondu thara maja ide. In my case, the suspense is greater as she is in Srirangapatna and me in Bangalore.

Productivity in office has obviously come down ;)

Unfortunately I still don't have a photo with Latha and I together. I'm sending a photo of her that I took when we went on a ride in a 'teppa' last Saturday at Gosai Ghat in Srirangapatna. I should get hold of a better photograph. Arun too is asking for one.

I'm hoping to hear similar good news from all of you very soon.


Sure Kiran - next in line are Shashi and Mahendra - not to forget Chetu! ;)

Kiran/anybody: Can we get a picture to go with this, please...
[14 Apr 05] Aahh, finally, got hold of this snap of Kiran and Latha >>
Kiran and Latha
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