Tuesday, April 19, 2005

New Office

Warning: I donno where this blog is gonna go, you are at your own risk - this is a vintage tale all about me, me and me!

I have opted to move to HP-IT team sitting at Cunningham Road Office of hp since this Monday (18 Apr 05). They handle everything to do with hpshopping.com (a subsidiary of hp) for US alone. And they have big plans to go live across the globe beginning with European Union over the next few years (I guess I've said too much, did I ??!). I got this option through an Internal Job Posting process.

This is a milestone in many ways. Those who know me know that I have been living on the edges, and will continue to do so :-). Others who dont get this - a brief snapshot: It started with a tragic accident in my family during my college days(July 2000), then with a pink slip declining an offer letter(Nov 2000-Feb 2001), then with the slogging for a project for about 5 months(Oct 2001-Feb 2002), then a brief stint as a lecturer for a few days(Mar 2002), then being jobless for an hour, then getting a non-techy job with a BPO company (imagine in a health-insurance company! - Mar 2002), then going to drop a friend for an interview but ended up with that call-center job instead of him (hey, I wrote the test for time-pass! - July 2003), then moving on as a Product Specialist (Apr 2004) and now, here I am. Not that it will stop or something, I am sure it will not - but, hey, now - I've got the guts to deal with it.

Optimistic is more like it. Just has become a second nature to deal with things as and when they come - and to chill. The idea is to pamper myself at all times and whenever possible, which begins and ends with doing what I want to do. Because if I don't treat myself good, no one else will.

Errrr, Arghh, Hmmm. Coming back to sleep again. I guess there is more expense for travel and food. Travel is 13.2 KMs to office and about 16 KMs back to home (due to many one-ways). There are 3 others who have joined along with me. PM started off the first day with do's and dont's, brief on people and their attitudes - which was good, to learn from others experiences you may call it. Then, the Tech Lead and QA have begun their sessions on the processes and architecture of the system. There are a few seniors who are approachable - we had lunch with them today. What else - yep, things are getting interesting as time runs ahead. How's the work - did you ask? It seems like a pro-active network/tool monitoring profile - good to start off with the backend where you get to know the system first-hand. And yes, I'm coming to it - the normal 9-5 shift is proving to be unexpectedly dificult to handle. Donno if they're due to the sessions we have or not - but it'll take some time to settle down, I guess.

April has started off well for our family - Raghu beginning his career with TCS from 7th and me here!
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