Tuesday, May 03, 2005

2nd Innings

Hurray - I completed my 25 years on earth, yesterday ie. 2nd-May-2005 ! :-)

And thanks in 65 Million to all concerned...really, what would I do without all you guys?!

Watch out for a listing of all those creatures(living or otherwise)...

[Updated: 4 May 05]
Here are the 2 greeting cards sent by Raghu from Trivandrum...thank you brother!
Birthday cards

Considering the recent events, this is well and truly a 2nd innings for me! And as promised, I've thought-composed-typed-and-reproduced (a part of) this message from my previous listing (with some editing, ofcourse) specially for you. It may seem like a sort of poetry, but every letter is there for a special reason. Above all, it's straight from my heart - after all, who knows my folks better? You deserve something original, don't you?

Every day of my life, you've made a difference,
You've made me feel life is special, unpredictable and in it's own way, beautiful.

In the order of appearance in my life…

Mom and Dad: The reason for my existance and everything else that follows.

Raghu: For all the things that we still have to make a lot of fuss about, for just being there as the most lively member of the family.

Relatives: For pampering me more than my parents whenever I have been to your place.

Teachers/Lecturers (Maya, Nalini, Murthy, Kennedy, Latha and other names I fail to recollect): For bringing the World to me.

Deepak: For your 1000 words-per-minute genius that comes out of your mouth that has made me almost dumb, for all the countless nights of lengthy arguments/brainwashes/conspiracies/consolations/debates/ discussions/plans/strategies on your rooftop, for being more stupid than me in some things, above all for being my 'chaddi-dost'.

Rashmi: For having lots of great times ahead 'stabilizing' my bestest-pal-in-the-whole-world by being his chosen-one, for being an angel which can only bring good things to the lives you touch.

Kashi: For all the criminal mind of an Adolph Hitler, for the searching eyes of a Sherlock Holmes, for the heart of a Mother Teresa, for the thoughts of the only poet better than me (!), for the skills of a painter, for the adventures of a Robinson Crusoe, for the patriot of a Bhagat Singh, above all, for sharing a relation that cannot be defined.

Name-Removed-Upon-Request: For some things which I don't regret having done and would go back to do them all over again; for the most invaluable lessons I have learnt.

Chandra: For all the girls that we've tried chasing dangerously on my bike just because each one of them looked cuter than the other to you; for showing me that a friend's house is never far, for being available 24/7 at just a phone-call away for anything I don't have a solution for. And the Swiss-chocolates that I'm eagerly waiting for.

Venki: For being the laziest fellow I've ever seen apart from me, for never saying no to anything we've asked for, for being the 'paapu' of your family forever.

Karthik: For shouting at me in front of everyone when I had lost our return-journey ticket in Mumbai and had no money left , for all the fundamentals of life, for the never-ending energy you display, for being a truly musti-tasking machine, for inspiring me to be forever positive, for setting a trend for every Indian on how to be one - in the middle of everything western.

Shashi: For always being the last while trekking since you had to carry lot 's of 'weight', for being the only one who always advices me like a big brother - even though you know I don't take/like them some times, for being the son every mother prays for, for being the brother to your sister like she could've only dreamed of, for showing us how to take care of our families.

Panda: For boring me all the time with your CNBC analysis, for always being with me at the canteen for the CNN(Cee-N-Njoy) network, for giving me the inside info, for the focus and the commitment that you've for your family.

Deepa: For all the colors you added to my life - be it the flowers on your workstation, or the fabric you wear, or the forget-all-other-things-in-the-world kind of smile, for putting up with my lengthy mails and not replying to them, or your consistent refusal to speak to me ever, or even your stoic silence, for showing me how tough it is to keep my words, for showing me how cruel patience is, and above all, for not stopping me from treating you like the 1 in a million - even after you've gone miles away.

Bhavesh: For being a darling, for the yummy food we hogged when we bought your computer.

Vinay: For showing how to chill out, for all the news and analysis which BBC can't match.

The Rest Of The Universe: For just being there at the right time and the right place.

Thank you guys, for being with me for what I'm, not for what I'm not.

Sridhar Machani
If you really want something, the whole World will conspire to make it happen for you.
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