Thursday, June 30, 2005

Faux paus

I was browsing through my friend's blog and went on to which is a place to store your photos. I was checking it out when I added this blog to it's settings - it said it can automatically post an image as a blog. Then I clicked on "test it" button - came back to this blog only to get frustrated that it has changed the margins and all the posts were mis-aligned.

I had no patience to go through the template code, so found a simpler way to get around it - picked a new look to this entire blog and after some customization, here we go...a slightly new look which is closest to the old one (I got many compliments for that, mummeee...)

Have added a section on the book that I'm reading, that I have bought and haven't read them yet and the one which I plan to buy soon. This is something I had at the corner of my mind - so when I got this far, thought why not get it up there!

Have lot's to the moment I will only tell you - me and Shashi will be visiting Raghu in Chennai next weekend.

Meanwhile, saw this awesome photograph taken by one of my friend's friend in the above post!
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