Friday, July 29, 2005


I had a blog-mare that all my blog posts would cease to exist or something like blog server has crashed. Only then did I realize that I never thought of backing up all the precious posts - what with my literary genius (I'm always optimistic) - some day, I might publish a book!

And further discovered that there were no standard tools for this - so I had to take the pains of manually saving each of my 40-odd posts on to local disk. While I was doing this, I discovered some images were missing in a couple of posts - so started filling up a todo.txt file that it has to be fixed.

At the end, my todo file looks like this:

1)Upload today's backup of blogs to some safe place

2)Add hp stuff into hp blog & rss feed into yahoo 360

3)Verify the pages - done, looks good!

4)Move over all images to a better place.

5)Fix missing images on
-hpshopping outing

6)Insert pics into Dr Nags's new house

Definately, I will have to think of a better way to backup my blog! Any ideas???
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