Monday, July 04, 2005


I seem to be having an this and you'll agree with me!

We all know that traffic police requires by law that we carry an emission-test result card with our vehicles. For two-wheelers, you can get it done in any of the petrol bunks for 25 to 30 rupees - which is valid for 6 months.

Flashback - a traffic police stopped me and I parked my bike very confident that I have all the necessary documents they need. Only to realize that the emission test card had expired 2 days back - Rs.200 fine. Present world - yesterday night, when I went to drop my brogher Raghu to Bus Stand where he had to board a bus to Chennai, I was again stopped by a traffic police. This time I had got the emission tested just 3 days back and I was more confident. You can guess what happenned - yes, I had left the new card in my bag. Another 200 bucks... :(

I hope you guys learn from my mistakes - which I myself couldn't learn (until yesterday I hope)!

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