Sunday, July 24, 2005


This is one of those times where I donno what I should feel.

Should I feel lonely that my friends have gone away into their own worlds?
Should I feel tempted to have a girlfriend, instead?
Should I feel sad that my family is missing my brother who lives in another city?
Should I feel sorry for Harry Potter after he lost a dear one in the 6th book?
Should I feel blues since tomorrow is Monday?
Should I feel terrible that the roads outside are not quite roads?
Should I feel angry that folks have still not returned what they've borrowed from me?
Should I feel guilty that I'm doing nothing to fix my over-weight?
Should I feel lazy that I'm yet to begin working on my project?

Should I feel thankful that the Almighty has given us a roof for shelter?
That He has given us enough food?
That He has given us reasonable health and wealth?
That He protects us from all dangers and pitfalls?
That He has been granting my wishes - little by little - day by day?

Now, I see that I can fill the first set with n number of things, and can't really add anything to the second set - here's what I feel.

There are no further questions - I must be content with what He has given us and be greatful for all of them. And I think I will come back to this thought whenever I'm not sure of things.
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