Sunday, July 24, 2005

Harry Potter

Warning! Those who wish to read the latest book Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince - may wish to skip this article - for your own good!

Just finished the Harry Potter and the Half-blooded prince - JK Rowling's 6th in the series. And can't wait to get hold of the final one - it seems she plans to start writing it by this year end! And it took me 1 and half days to complete it - which I purposely wanted to finish in one shot - though there was a strong temptation to start as soon as the pre-ordered copy arrived.

My mom asked me how's it? Well, frankly I feel miserable. Not because the book has been overhyped to be a masterpiece - oh no, it was a nice read. The whole world knew there was a tragic element in it. Then why read such things - to feel soar at the end of it? Is the money worth, or the time? You might ask. Well, we'll keep tragedies for another day's topic, can we?

Intereatingly, JKR was on a train trip to King's Cross in London and by the end of the trip, all the major characters of the Harry Potter books had taken shape in her mind. Then she thought out the major plots for all 7 books - that was atleast 2 years before she started writing the first book.

After heavy action in the 4th and 5th books, JKR has chosen a subdued plot - nevertheless more gripping. There is a lot of emotion among the characters - more romance, more quarrells, and more of the principal Dumbledore who you had always wanted to be given more pages. You'll understand it is there for a reason. I felt this book is all about undestanding the making of the Dark Lord and his past. Harry as such does not stand to achieve more than what he had before the first page - except the knowledge I just mentioned. And there is nothing to guess this will prove critical when he has to face his enemy face to face in the grand finale!

The end has a sad note - you feel for Harry when he decides to leave his girlfriend, not to come back to Hogwarts again - which means he may not meet his friends Ron and Hermione again - all alone to fend for himself! Tell you what - these things may change - or rather, will change!

I can't believe it's just one more to go! :(
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