Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Walkathon: Murdeshwar - Kundapur - Maruvanthe

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Me and Kashi!Kashi and me were planning on a visit to Murdeshwar town since a couple of months. And finally we managed to go there last weekend [16 to 19 July 2005].

We only planned when we're going to depart from Bangalore and when we will come back. The beauty of this trip comes from what we did in between - thoroughly spontaneous and on-the-fly decisions. You'll know what I'm talking about at the end of this hi-story!

It was 12-hr journey by bus - it rained like mad outside the bus throughout - and I slept like a baby under the cozy comfort of my jacket. When Kashi woke me up at 6, the bus had stopped for a moment and I couldn't see any other color than Green. The last time I saw such amazing greenery was during the Kerala trip - but then, this was better - with cold breeze and without the humidity.

Once we stepped out of the bus at close to 7am, Murdeshwar was drenched like a young lady just out of a cold bath - yes, it was just as romantic! :-) We checked into a Kamath Yatri Nivas and set out to the Murdeshwar temple Murdeshwar Temple and Shiva statue, followed by breakfast at the beach hotel.

Village walkWe set out to walk along the interiors of the village through streams and houses painted with green creepers. It was humid, we were sweating profusely - but we walked on and on. The town was sleepy - even for a Sunday midday. Or maybe we found Bangalore more happenning! By then, it was time to go across to the Temple again - this time for food - ahh it was hot and tasty! We later found it too heavy to carry on anywhere - went back to our room for a lazy afternoon nap.

Evening walk along the beachBy the time we woke up, it was cloudy, drizzling at a constant rate - nevertheless, we set out to explore the left side of the temple towm - this time with our shorts - after a steaming cuppa of tea. The majority were Muslims in this corner of the town - and there were a lot of burkhas. We didn't feel like venturing into the beach waters - it was dark silvery after a heavy lash of rains last night, and the beach was unfriendly. However, this walk was quite refreshing - unlike the taxing walk earlier - cool green winds blowing you away as you get along the beach. We figured we had to have something hot and spicy - had some mirchis. Again went for the Shiva statue campus - this time, it was real peaceful - very few people and there was no power for some time. Shiva was dazzling once the lights came back on! We decide to treat ourselves to some gorgeous food - we went in for a beach resort and had some beer, prawns and fish biryani - which was amazing to wind up for the day!

Kundapur to Maruvanthe 16KM WalkNext morning it was time to checkout - after a heavy breakfast - to Kundapur. The journey was again colorful - sometimes raining hard, sometimes drizzing, sometimes sunny - we had it all - amidst the green background. On the way, you get Maruvanthe - our next destination - which is special and I'll tell you about it shortly. Once we reached Kundapur, we booked tickets for Bangalore in the evening at 7 and requested the controller to play host to our luggage - for which he thankfully agreed. It was 10.25am - we simply decided we will walk to Maruvanthe - 16kms away. After tea, we hit the footpath to the right all along the looong walk. There is no need to mention that the roads were extremely clean, dotted with many bridges on the many lakes - and lush green farming lands. And it was a treat in any sense. After four and half hours of walk - we had some much needed lunch in a dhaba opposite the Maruvanthe beach. Then, we found a thengin thopu (a farm of coconut trees) beside the Souparnika river and lay down for a refreshing nap for over an hour - under the cool shade of trees and beside the cool breeze of the river (so to speak).

MaruvantheMaruvanthe beach is special - (if you're going in the direction of Kundapur from Bhatkal) it has Arabian Sea to the right and Souparnika River to the left - separated by the national highway 17 in between.You turn left or to the right - and it looks like any other beach or a river. You look at both of them from the road side - and you understand a Special Power can create just about any miracles and surprises. You're humbled. You start beleiving everything is possible. Somehow. We went to a small boating ride along the banks of the river, nice ride to tell you.

We returned back to Kundapur - this time like everyone else - in a bus. Then went to the town circle and sat on a bench chatting for an hour - or rather, observing people and their own ways of going around. It's always nice to come to another town and sit on a somaari katte (lazi bench) and comment on people, isn't it?

As I said in the beginning, very little was planned for this trip, or whatever you may call it. You can look at it in many different ways. Actually we did nothing but walk a lot. Do you have to spend your time and energy and money - just to walk like fools in a foreign town - where everybody is busy doing their work and you're making a fool of yourself. You may call it endurance test. "Are you crazy?" somebody asked my friend when we told her what we did so far. ofcourse we are. For us, this trip was about breaking some rules and making more. It was about setting targets and achieving them in the company of each other - which we did after walking on slippers for over 4 hours under hot humid conditions - and sensing a lot of pride in it. Which makes it worth even after having a swelling feet -and makes you feel good about yourself! Whatever stupid things we did - we felt like achieving a goal as good as any other big thing. In this case, size did not matter!

When was the last time you did something for the first time?
We just did.
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