Monday, August 22, 2005

Feel # 2

How come I have such a lot of time to bother about others?

Should I look for the reason - adding more time and trouble?
Should I ask for more work from my boss?
Should I start any dirty habits to keep myself occupied?
Should I learn to be like the rest?
Should I return to what I don't like to do?

Don't tell me go-get-marry-something.
As if that's the only true problem to the solution.
As if I can't read and write enough.
As if I can't squander time on movies that tell me not to do so.
As if you want me to get lost in my world, only to return to the monotonous life.

Do you think I'm going mad, perhaps insane?
I feel I'm living in the world of mad fellows who choose to ignore Life around them.

How come nobody cares?
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