Monday, September 12, 2005

Blog Sabbatical


By now you would've made out there are no posts since a long time.
Its going to be that way for another couple of months - maybe until Oct end.


Primarily time is squeezing me out on 2 fronts - BITS project and workwise as well. As it is, I'm trying hard not to do one during the other's schedule. It is not about time - it is about where I want to focus on. However, mind is as it is - you never know when something might pop up. Be assured you will be informed if there is any new posts.

Until then, it's a sabbatical.

Oops, I almost forgot - I had a lunch with my UVCE collge-mates - Prathap and Raghuram. And it was a discovery that Raghuram has been working in my company and in the same building since last 4 months! was wonderful to have a chat about some of those times when we never had to care for anything really. But didn't we?

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