Friday, November 04, 2005

12 Days Later...

Thanks to everyone - my family has come out of this experience - though we can never forget it.

Things are getting back to normal with us, though it will never be the same again. One thing I'm enjoying out here in the rented house is the view of the Sun setting in the's better than this on most days...
Sunset view from my room

Ahh ha, now we have plenty of time to sit back and estimate how much we have gained and what are the losses.

Washing machine seems to be working good - which is the most critical thing for mom. Kashi unassembled the motors and the capacitor - we got them unit-tested from an electician. We fitted them back along with a new capacitor (which was reported as damaged) - but it didnt work. Next morning I woke up and found that a couple of connections were incorrect - according to the wiring diagram on the wash tub exterior. It still didnt work - so changed the capacitor back to the old one. And voila - it worked!

Refigerator seemed ok but sparks flew from it. TV - ahh - the interesting part - most of the PCB and the stuff on it were rusted. The servicing guy will have a tough time cleaning it up - but the general feeling is that TV is gone. Home Theater system result is yet to be out. I don't have a count of clothes and books that perished - fortunately, I still have the important ones safe with me.

Today (4 Nov) - we got the delivery of 3 mattresses we had ordered. We got a plywood changed for one of the beds - it was corrupt. Landline and Broadband connections have been fixed after many many calls and complaints. My bike got serviced - though it is not fully fit since water has circulated inside the engine - it will take another month when I change the engine oil again. Add to this house deposit and other stuff for the rented house.

My estimate comes up to a lakh. Yep, I can bear this happily rather than the fear of another water-world experience any day.

Meanwhile, I have completed the formalities for finishing and sending the final project report to BITS-Pilani today - many thanks to Venki for running around with me for the binding and speed-posting. That was another parallel thread running with this whole thing - and I was really feeling tired out. Now, I can sleep easy. Until Dec 3 when my Viva is scheduled at BITS, Pilani (Rajasthan) campus - after which I will be awarded MS degree. Aahh, what an eventful 2-year I have had!

On a closing note, hope all you folks had a blast with Diwali/Ramzan/Halloween and whatever/wherever you are!
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