Sunday, November 13, 2005

How is it going now?

On public demand, here is an update...

TV has been repaired for 2500 bucks.

Philips Home theater - interesting - the service center guy said the DVD player is dead and nothing can be done about it. He also offered to buy it back for 2000 bucks. I didnt take that offer right then. Came back home and opened the box - saw nothing like rust was on the PCB. But it was just as if it wasn't opened - with lot of dust. I cleaned it up and took it to an electronic shop...we decided to run through it with power. Nothing like a bang happenned. He inserted a started rotating like normal action. I took it back home and connected all 6 speakers and sub-woofer. started playing Rabbi Shergill CD good enough! The FM receiver is non-functional and player has some grounding problem though...
We took care of that service center - we went there and created a loud fuss for about an hour amidst all other customers in front of Managers and technicians.

Refrigerator is working fine after a bulb inside burnt out.

My bestest friend in the running quite well after 2 rounds of servicing so far. He still needs some fine-tuning though.

Internet is back online - that's why you see all this no-nonsense! :-)

Applied for house deposit loan from office. Raghu has applied for transfer to TCS Bangalore.

You might be aware - my BITS project Viva is on 3rd Dec (Sat). I pinged yahoogroups and found 4 others in Bangalore having same Viva date. Some of them had already booked Air Deccan flight tickets - so I also booked the tickets for Dec 2 (Fri) 5.50AM flight to Delhi and back on Dec 4 (Sun) 8.10PM flight to Bangalore. Pilani, Rajasthan is about 4 hour-drive from Delhi on road. And once I'm back on 4th midnight, I'm on leave on 5th (Mon), 6th (Tue) and 7th (Wed) Dec 05 - my friends Deepak and Rashmi are getting married on 6/7.

Wednesday (11/9) and Friday (11/11) me and Kashi went to Jayanagar for other things - but mainly we ended up adding lot of books to our library. The offer was - buy any 5 books each priced at Rs.100 - for Rs.300. On Wed, I liked one particular book very much but it was priced at 150 - so a shopkeeper managed to paste a Rs.100 label onto the existing price-tag! And then on Friday, we did the samething ourselves to get some real good ones! I ended up with 8 books and Kashi ended up with 7. Today (Sun 11/13), I have rearranged my library neatly - someday, I hope to publish a catalog of my collection!

Yesterday (Sat 11/12) it was Deepa's birthday. She is a friend's sister - and it was many years since we had met. So wished her and then let her buy some clothes as birthday gift. She had to treat me and Kashi for dinner as a deal! It was a refreshing good time we had.

Hey...this Thursday (11/17) I might go to 4th Harry Potter movie "The Goblet of Fire" premiere at Symphony - courtesy AOL where my friend Kashi works - he might latch on to 2 passes.

As a closing note, when I was buying a lot of DVDs last Friday (11/11), one guy came in and asked for all Rajkumar movies. The shopkeeper asked him: "America or Australia?" Guy replied: "America."

How about this SMS my friend got...
"The Road to Success is always Under Construction."

And another one I read in today's paper...
"It is always nice to be important but more important to be nice."
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