Sunday, December 11, 2005

bangalore habba - 2 to 11 Dec 2005

It seems I'm continuing to rock after BITS and Deepak's wedding...thanks to bangalorehabba!!! It's a treat to the common man of Bangalore who wishes to enjoy performing arts like Dance, Plays, Classical and Rock musical shows and what not. And it's the third year of habba (means "festival" in English) - I somehow missed the last two years.

This time, we managed to get VIP passes for Fri (9 Dec 05), Sat (10) and Sunday. Though we had trouble reaching venue (Fri) and staying under the drizzling rain with chilling cold breeze (Sat), it was worth the effort. If only I had more knowledge on how/what to appreciate things in Music - that would've been great and I would've enjoyed more! Maybe by next year...

I particularly enjoyed Pt.Hari Prasad Chaurasia's flute and Pt.Jasraj's vocals - and then their jugalbandi. The surprise package was the Dholak Foundation - a UK band - I haven't heard this kind of Punjabi music, it was awesome! While the fusion of Laya Tharanga band was sensuous, Ayaan and Amjad Ali Bangash's Sarod was exciting. Indian Ocean ("rukh ja re bandeh") and Strings were amazing - though they ran out of time due to late start enabled by the rain gods.

Will definitely comeback for more - cheers!

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