Friday, December 23, 2005

OMkaara - Vision Statement

OMKaara is a new Google Group I started recently - and right now, I'm the only member! :-)

Let me try to address why this group has been created.

There were several challenging times I've faced and - fortunately - I knew which person to contact, or what to do to get through that situation. That was - and still is - possible only because of a network of friends/colleagues/people who could lift me out with exact solution at the right time and place.

Unfortunately, not all of us enjoy this feeling of security. With this group, I want to build a network of people for crisis management or for any specific requirements. What it really means is a group of people who could be there for each other at the right time/place during any crisis/requirement. In other words, this group is all about being prepared to act upon any sort of requirements.

Things We Could achieve - almost infinite...
  • Effective crisis management - hope we don't ever get to do this, but then Life is unpredictable.

  • Share information - contacts/where to get what/howto

  • Share resources - do you have anything I want and you're willing to lend? Or otherwise.

  • Soceity - we know people are doing social service individually. A group will do more.

  • Trips/Movies/Sports/Others - who said Life is all serious? Life is fun.

  • How It Works - Everything is Voluntary
    This is where omkaara differs from almost all other groups. There are no you-must-attend-weekly-meetings or commitments required. There is no owner or moderator. Whoever wants to organise an event, he/she is the owner for that event. The idea is to do things what we can and if we can. Nothing is compulsory. Except...I don't know what rules/guidelines we must follow for this group - yet.

    A brief on how things would work at different situations:
  • If there is a crisis for any member, an alert goes out. Whoever can pitch-in in whatever way is most appreciated.

  • Members volunteer to share information/resources.

  • Maybe someone wants to teach a bunch of kids. Or visit some camps.

  • Fun - whoever is planning a trip/movies/anything else, drop in a time/place notification. Others may join if they want to.

  • Kicking off in 2006.

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