Wednesday, March 15, 2006

So Many Things To Do

  • Update this place with all the things I've been up to so far - if possible, create a list for this.

  • Create a To Do list.

  • Try and complete as much as possible from the To Do list.

Now, it already feels good that I've made a start. Good, Sri...keep going.

Here is the Update list - this is not in any particular sequence:
  1. Upload photos of my family trip to Shirdi-Ajanta-Ellora-Aurangabad in mid-Feb.

  2. A post on the Uday-Naveen brothers next door.

  3. Learnings from the crisis of last Oct-Nov 05.

  4. My attempts at solving the housing problem.

  5. The awesome concert at IIM on Feb 3 - Jal and Sivamani.

  6. The shift back to my own house - and the subsequent panic due to rains.

  7. My creative plans with the paper.

  8. And then the strange sleepless nights.

Here is the To Do list:
  1. Implement the Plan A (if not, Plan B) for the housing requirements for my family.

  2. Still thinking of the list...

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