Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Donating platelets

Yesterday a friend called up requiring A+ type blood - his father was to have a by-pass heart surgery next morning. I was already working from home since my stomach was upset over something since morning and the flood-gates were almost open! I told my friend - but still I went ahead in the evening to Wochardt Hospital. From there I was taken to TTK - Rotary Club Blood Bank in Thippesandra...I was wondering why so far. Only after sometime did we we know that I was about to donate platelets. Very interesting...read more here...Donating platelets.

Basically what they did was pull out around 2.5 litres of blood from my body and separated around 270ml of platelets. This they did in 6 cycles of about 15 minutes each - initially it was supposed to be done in 5 cycles - but the machine figured out the required volume was falling short - so went in for another extra cycle. It took about 2 hours - and I had to lie down without moving my hand which was injected with the syringe. Boy - first time I moved a bit and they had to remove and inject the syringe into another hand after 1st cycle - it was getting painful because I had moved displacing the syringe.

After drawing some blood for each cycle, the machine extracts and pushes a small amount of platelets into another pouch. Then, the blood is pushed back into me along with a mix of anti-coagulant liquid agent - which is to prevent blood from clotting. When blood is pushed back in, I actually felt blood rushing in to my tongue, lips, etc. Oh boy!

Another friend insisted I do not ride my bike home - so he got it parked at office for the night - and dropped me in his car to reach home at 9pm. After 12 hours, I'm now feeling a bit dizzy...with one hand paining all through - but I have a great feeling of doing something very substantial and important. It's really a fantastic feeling!

Read here for the explanation of the process...Donating platelets.
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