Sunday, April 09, 2006

Pictures of 2006

Looks like this is the Year of Travel for me...and I've got to catch up with uploading/publishing tonnes of pictures all the time. Well, here we go.

The new year 2006 began very well with the Hampi Express [30 Dec 2005 to 2 Jan 2006].
Hampi Express snaps

The long pending trip to Shirdi finally happenned in Feb. I had to book the train tickets as early as mid-Dec 05 and make all the hotel bookings from here. I didn't want to take any chances since I was taking my parents with me. Raghu gave us some anxious moments till the last moment, but joined to our relief.

Shirdi snaps - 15,16,17 Feb 2006

Ajanta snaps - 18 Feb 2006

Ellora snaps - 19 Feb 2006

Aurangabad snaps - 19 Feb 2006

Followed by what I call the come-let's-go-trip (requires bare minimum planning, if at all) to Madikeri [31Mar to 3 Apr 2006]. We covered Bhagamandala, Thala Kaveri, Abbey falls, Raja seat, King's tombs, Kushaal nagar, The Golden Temple, Tibetiyan Monastery, Nisargadhaama, Haarangi dam and Dubaare (the Elephant training camp). Since we hadn't booked return tickets and all direct buses to Bangalore were full, we went to Mysore for dinner and stayed back. We then caught the morning train back to town.
Madikeri Snaps

[21st July to 22nd Oct 2006] US trip

To round it off, Goa - Great way to kickstart 2007!

I wish to keep going at this pace as far as I can; as long as people are willing to join me on the spoils!
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