Friday, May 12, 2006

God's Plans and my Sweetheart

Last Tuesday (5/9) morning, I found life pulling me in all directions, trying to hurry me into several things. I wanted to slow down the pace - just to catch a breath, and try to gain some sort of sanity. I didn't goto office, finished some home loan calculations and finilized on the details.

Then I watched one of my all-time favourites - Maniratnam's Geethanjali (Telugu). I had bought the DVD previous day in Jayanagar for 100 bucks along with Audio CDs of Pallavi-Anupallavi (Kannada) and Malaya Marutha (Kannada). All 3 were on my list for a long long time. I must say I feel privilaged to have an ear for some good music - which I have greatfully inherited from my mother along with a taste for books.

Later in the afternoon, I visited a friend's place (name kept anonymous for the sake of her privacy). She was getting ready to take the plunge into business - and I was there to offer some free advise (who would miss such an opportunity to give free advise!). Just when I wanted to leave in the evening, her parents came in - and I stayed back for a casual chat.

This is where the Gods started planning for me. Her parents brought thunder and rain along with them. It was 6pm and I was standing in their apartment balcony, enjoying the cold-moist breeze on my face, sometimes chatting/arguing with her. I was telling her maybe it was Gods plans layed out for me to have dinner at her place that day - especially since I had, in a sutle way, declined her lunch offer earlier. She started laughing, saying something like I'm privilaged to have Gods plan out my evening. It was about 40 minutes since rain, when I decided to leave for home - it had slightly stopped raining. She said she wasn't joking about dinner, and that I could really stay for dinner. I refused and in a way, maybe went against the Gods plans.

I was riding on my way back on my Sweetheart bike - it was raining heavily, I was drenched to the full. Suddenly, I went past a road which had about a foot of rain water, and then my bike stopped. I thought I was the one who was supposed to catch cold and fever, but this time it was my bike. It was 7pm and I tried all - but it didn't start. Touchwood - my Sweetheart always gets punctured or stops functioning near a garage. This time wasn't any exception - I pulled my bike to a tiny garage 5 minutes away. They tried all they could for an hour - and told me an electronic part was malfunctioning. My bike started with their spare part. We went around and got a new one - it did not work. We returned it and there was no more stock left. I was staring at the hard option of pulling my bike all the way back home - about 2 kms away. Just then, my bike started miraculously and I went back home before my bike could change her plans.

Now I'm guessing I went against the Gods' plans, and in a way, got punished for it. But then, as always, my Sweetheart bike came to my rescue. It may not have a great pickup, neither a great mileage, nor the stylish looks. But she has always given me company on most of my journeys in the last 4 years (April 28, 2002 to 2006) - like no one ever can. I love it just for that!
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