Sunday, June 25, 2006

Lot of Movies

From around past 1 month or so, I've been hitting theatres consitently almost every weekend - and still not finished, I think I never will. Here are the movies I watched, and had quite a lot of fun - to be fair.

The Da Vinci Code - I saw this one with Chandra at Symphony (Shankar Nag Chitramandira, if you like to call it that way). It was a Friday when I came home early from office and as we have done in the past, we just set out to watch any movie. We ended up at this theatre, just in the nick of time to escape getting drenched in the rain. Ofcourse, we did get wet later - we roamed the streets of MG Road/Brigade Road under the incessent rain until the show began couple of hours later. The best part was we sipped steaming hot cup of Cappechino at the Coffee Day just before the movie started - and you must try it when it's raining hard outside. And the ride back home on the empty streets of Bangalore at around 2am in the mid-night was worth a Friday night as any other.

Fanaa - This one was with Shashi on a Sunday morning at Urvashi theatre. I enjoyed the dialogues, Aamir Khan, Kajol and the music.

MI-3 - Venki booked the tickets for me and Chandra at PVR for a Saturday afternoon. Good crowd as usual.

Krrish - This one with Chandra again. They could have cut some half of the movie to make it truly world-class, but anyway it was Hrithik all the way.
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