Sunday, November 26, 2006

Finally Flickr

I've been obsessively looking for a nice place to host my images...which mean so much to me. Perhaps, if any of 600GB data gets crashed one day, the most important thing I would be worried about are my collection of memories i.e. the snaps. Let's see what we're talking about...over 280 albums, over 14k snaps and over 15GB of raw data.

I have been using Yahoo Photos all the while. It's supposedly "Unlimited" storage and bandwidth for uploading snaps. But I realized I ran out of this storage last month and so as a quick fix, I created another Yahoo account and started uploading snaps there. I've been somehow not worried about the quality of the images available for viewing the albums on Yahoo - so far. It converts all your snaps to a fixed-size JPEG images - and that's all you get to see after uploading.

I explored Shutterfly, Snapfish, Photobucket and Webshots - among other image hosting service providers. All of them had some of the things I didn't like - both free and paid accounts - low quality after uploading snaps for viewing albums, limited storage capacity, limited bandwidth (number of times the albums can be viewed), not user friendly interface/tools, pre-condition that we buy something from them else account will be deleted - or some other stuff.

Finally I signed up for a pro account from My Flickr Photos - now a Yahoo Compan - for US $25 a year, I get to upload 2GB worth of snaps per month. For me, the biggest reason to sign-up for Flickr pro account is the ability to store/view/download the original image (size limit of 10MB per image - which is much more than 2592x1944 pixels in resolution). And then some other cool the one below my profile on this blog...
  • You will have your own page to show off your photos

  • People can leave comments on every photo

  • Makes many photo sizes, such as thumbnail, medium and large

  • Rotate photos easily

  • Set privacy levels on each photo and decide who can see them and comment on them

  • Upload photos by email or from your cameraphone

  • Post photos to just about any blog (LiveJournal, Blogger, Moveable Type, Typepad, Manila, you name it!)

  • Notes and Tags (literally on parts of images to highlight something!)

  • Organizer to create sets, edit/arrange snaps in batches

  • Flickr Services

  • And many more!!!

    To begin with, I'm elated to publish My Best Friend's Wedding Snaps from my Flickr pro account. Come, see and bless the couple!!!
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