Saturday, November 11, 2006

US Snaps: 21 July to 22 Oct 2006

Often, God has plans for me like a few days back, and this time, I didn't want to go against His plan. He lifted me out of a huge mess and said, "Go to California, USA for 3 months, Do Not worry about a single thing in the World, Eat-Shop-Travel and Do Stuff as you wish!!!" I said, Amem.

These 3 months were crazy - both workwise and otherwise. While I try and put down a part of it on paper over a period of time, take your's (you'll need lots of it!) and have a peek into some of the finer moments. Many have been asking for these albums since long - they might probably understand the delay if you're looking at 21+ Albums with ~ 2.7k snaps that have gone in.

Cheers :))

Thats me!That's Me!

[21/22 July 2006] Transit @ Singapore.

More snaps here...Transit @ Singapore

[22 July 2006] My home - Marriott Studio Room # 307

More snaps here...My home - Marriott Studio Room # 307

[23 July 2006] Lunch and Shopping with Grace

More snaps here...Lunch and drive to Valley Fair Shopping Mall with Grace Choe

[23 July 2006] Sunnyvale Downtown

More snaps here...Sunnyvale Downtown

[25 July 2006] Mystery Spot

More snaps here...Mystery Spot

[27 July 2006] San Francisco (SFO) Golden Gate Bridge

More snaps here...SFO Golden Gate Bridge

[28 July 2006] Sham Lunch Party

More snaps here...Sham Lunch Party

[28/29 July 2006] Nagesh Birthday

More snaps here...Nagesh Birthday

[29 July 2006] Livermore Temple

More snaps here...Livermore Temple

[30 July 2006] San Francisco (SFO) Music Festival

More snaps here...SFO Music Festival

[4 Aug 2006] Mountain View Live Music + [13 Aug 2006] Santa Cruz Beach/Boardwalk

More snaps here...Mountain View Live Music + Santa Cruz Beach/Boardwalk

[18-20 Aug 2006] Yosemeti National Park

More snaps here...Yosemeti National Park

[1-2 Sep 2006] Hoover Dam near Las Vegas

[3-4 Sep 2006] Las Vegas Strip

More snaps here...Las Vegas

[2 Oct 2006] Los Ageles (LA) - Universal Studios

More snaps here...LA - Universal Studios

[3 Oct 2006] Los Ageles (LA) - Disneyland/Downtown

More snaps here...LA - Disneyland/Downtown

[4 Oct 2006] San Diego (SAN) - SeaWorld

More snaps here...SAN - SeaWorld

[5 Oct 2006] San Diego (SAN) - Downtown/City Tour/Harbour Excursion/Natural History Museum

More snaps here...SAN - Downtown/City Tour/Harbour Excursion/Natural History Museum

[13 Oct 2006] 367 Addison Avenue, Palo Alto, CA

Finally, we visited the hp Garage - called the Birth place of Silicon Valley. It was quiet residential street, but nonetheless the feeling is omnipresent.
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