Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Goa - Great way to kickstart 2007!

Below is a preview of some of the Goa snaps...beware, not all of them are shared ;)
New year trip to Goa

If there is a thing called Destiny, I definitely had it on the 2007 New Year's eve. For about a month, me and Kashi were planning on Hyderabad trip from 29th Dec 06 to 3rd Jan 2007 - we even got the train tickets booked. Here's Destiny - 27th morning Kashi cancels Hyd trip and 28th my Goa trip is confirmed.

Old mates Vinay Prabhu and Tushar Govalkar joined with Ujwala and Robin. We set cruising in Vinay's 'Chamak Challo' - the white Zen (the same one we went out to Ooty in March 2005).

The last 15kms of our journey - both to and from - Goa was pathetic. While it was the non-existent-dusty-bumpy road near Goa, it was traffic in Bangalore which pissed all of us.

But then we had our moments in between. This was first trip to Goa - I really chilled out with some Sea food and beer/wine thrown in. I realized we could plan our trip to Goa with one of the several agendas - like beaches, sight-seeing town, churches, temples, partying, etc. So this one was all about visiting the beaches.

In our 3-day stay, we visited beaches on Colva, Arambol and Fetrado (?). They have their characteristics and behaviour, if I may add. Colva was more of a public beach with your typical mom-dad-kids crowd. My friends went for a ride on the motor-bike on the sea - and eventually tempted me as well, which was worth it. But it was not without a few scares of drowning - when the boat's engine went off thrice in the middle of nowhere on the Sea!

Next day we visited Robin's friends and you would earn all your life to be able to retire in a mansion like that! We then headed off to Arambol. It's a little known place where you get all the hippies settled down in cheap hotels. You'll find them with little on, roaming around in all kinds of local bikes/bicycles, getting tanned under the Sun on the beach. If you've to watch the firangs (videshis) raw, this is probably the place. We chose to spend our New Year eve (31st) on this beach. We chilled out from late afternoon, shopped, played in the sea, had nice dinner - then, there were Live bands playing in almost all the shacks (hotels on the beach front). We settled down in a place called Pyramid - the band was awesome. They played fusion tracks - western style played along side with Sitar, flute and hindustani vocals as well. The crowd was all firangs except the 5 of us and a couple of others. Most danced in the middle in front of the band, others spread out around them with small wooden tables for dinner and drinks. And others chose to walk along the brilliant-moon-lit beach side. I sat there for quite a some time - facing the moonlit sea, the sound of the roaring waves ahead and the band from a distance behind. It couldn't be more romantic! When we entered the first minute of 2007, there were breath-taking fireworks all around in the skies. After the party, we left to hit the sack.

On the first day of 2007, we went to Zambolin - to visit the Damodar Temple (Vinay's 'family God' so to say). It was good traditional way to kick start the year ahead of us. We checked out of the hotel and visited 'Pathron' Steve's family - a localite working in Vinay's team who had taken care to book accomodation for us. After lunch, he took us to a virgin beach near his home - called Fetrado (? not sure if I got this right). Purity was in the air all around, unspoilt by mankind. The parasailing experience was out of the world.

Click here for some of the Goa snaps.

PS: 2006 kickstarted with Hampi trip, and then went on to become the Year of Travel. Hopefully, 2007 turns out better!
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