Thursday, January 11, 2007

What's going on - Part 5

Interesting discovery. I was reading these posts (BTW, this is labelling, one of the many new cool Blogger features) which I'd scrapped at various 'gifted' times in the past 1.5 years. And now that I'm back in one such time, I'm stupified to know things have not changed much - vertical, horiontal or in my dreams. Looks like I'm still haunted by the same set of things, I still have the same To-Do list and my growing belly is still a worry.

Let's get to the point, shall we? You know, when I scrible these things, I think I'm with a good friend who won't judge me no matter what, and my ego doesn't need to suffer any awkwardness at all. Nevertheless, the cool thing is it makes me lighter and stronger and better :)

I know problems are a part of everyday life and I've come to accept that anything can go wrong anytime. How do we deal with it? There's usually an escape route - mainly in the shape of friends-n-family. But when the escape route itself leads us in to a big mess, then it becomes a bit of a tough cookie to crack. We all have different reactions to such situations. I tend to freeze, cut myself out of this world, go inaccessible to all. At that point, life becomes empty, void; you lose all energy; nothing really matters anymore. You don't feel like - reading your favourite author (for ex., I'm yet to open the pages of Michael Crichton's NEXT), listening to your favourite music, or even talking to your people. I guess this is Saturation.

I wonder if anyone can live all his/her life taking care of others, without being taken care of. How far can we stretch? How many strings can we pull? How long? I do wonder.
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