Wednesday, February 14, 2007

mungaaru maleye...

I watched the Kannada movie Mungaaru Maley last Sunday and fell in love with it's location and music (which is playing even as I write this). I thought it deserves a special mention here. It has a simple, smooth flow of story line. It's not a different story, but what adds an extra dimension is the Madikeri and the rain. Mungaaru Maley (roughly translates to Monsoon rain) is a character in itself. You simply want to go out there and get drenched, jump up and down in the maley against the green background.

Watch the Camera work in the beginning of the second half which starts just before and continues through the track Kunidu kunidu baare, Olidu olidu baare...makes you hold onto your seat, and stop blinking. It's scary, it's magical.

Mungaaru maleye...enu ninna hanigala leele
Ninna mugila saale...dhareya korala premada maale
Suriva olumeya jadi malege...preeti moodide...!

To all the love birds out there;
To all those who Love their Nation, Parents, Family, Friends;
and Love everything else;
here's Happy Valentine's and everyday!
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