Sunday, March 18, 2007

100th Post

Wow, I've managed to get this far on my blog - this is my 100th post!

Let's see - the first post was roughly on 8th, Mar, 2005 - so that makes my blog a cool 2 year-old! It has had about 3,558 visits since 5, May, 2005 - not bad I think, considering only a handful of my close friends visited this blog; and I intend to keep it that way.

Why do I blog?

For myself. This sounds cliche, but I mean this blog to be good enough if it makes sense only to me. Not that I don't care about others, I do - but this space is meant for 'talking to myself.' Whenever I find myself in the inevitable holes of Life, posting it almost always makes me feel good. It feels like I'm talking to God and He's listening. That logically puts things in perspective. I tend to go after things I should be doing, rather than let things brew up a strong dose of self-pity and helplessness in my head and soul.

Is this all?

Ofcourse not. Whenever I have even a tiniest bit of joy and interesting thing happenning around me, I make it a point to post it, share it and torture my friends. Poor souls, they have no choice but to bear me! Many times, I've been guilty of over-doing this part. I feel I'm a tad bit too 'expressive' in that sense :-)

100 Posts?

What were my posts about? Now if I look back, most of posts were on my travel - the journey and the snaps. Then I've scribbled on some things which have given me joy - be it simple or big. As I've grown older, my friends have got engaged to their life-partners, got married and now have kids. I've covered them up well here. Ofcourse, I've spoken to myself in my lowly times - and those are some of the things I've NOT shared for good reasons.

Keep Growing!

It seems I'm growing old with my blog. We got jobs, got married, now having kids. Maybe next, I'll be talking about raising kids, their education, and then, their jobs, the Circle of Life takes another turn, I will continue to grow with my blog - grow old, wise and strong like wine!

Meanwhile, any one game for a World-Tour a few years down the line?!
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