Sunday, March 18, 2007


This Friday I did not have any plans for a change and headed straight home. As I took the last turn on the street to my home, I saw that the Kannada movie Arasu was playing in the theater nearby. I had seen a nice video of a song on TV which had Meera Jasmine in it - it had a nice picturization. So, I came home, freshened up and headed to the theater - the movie had just started at 5.30pm.

As I wanted, Meera Jasmine took the cake with her realistic performance. The movie was watchable as well. The climax was different - it showed you can have a good ending, even if the story is poised towards tragedy.

You want to know the story? The hero is a multi-millionaire who spends life by spending dollars. He visits India for an official visit and falls in love with the Manager's daughter. She rejects his proposal for marriage - citing he is not worth anything on his own and all that. So now, the hero has to earn 5k in a month to prove his mettle. He starts off with the search for job, ends up with a Sun-stroke. Meera accomodates him, gets him a job and the story moves on. Now, the hero is in love with 1st girl and Meera is in love with the hero. Trouble is both the girls are best friends, and when they learn of each other's love story, they sacrifice their love for each other. In a twist to the tale, the hero gets both the girls married to his best friends without each other's knowledge - lying to them that he will marry the other girl once her wedding is over. Then he sends both of them packing for honeymoon. Finally, the best friends arrange for a bride to the hero. Logical ending, I must say.
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