Saturday, March 10, 2007

Rang Barse

I'm trying to make an un-emotional (for a change) list of the events from the last 2 weeks as I saw it - and paint them up with a suitable color. Maybe throw in a couple of snaps and make a bottom line when I'm done. Do you think the mood is sober? Maybe, because I'm.

Feb 25 (Sun): 'One Good Conversation' with the first ever girl I went to 'see' in Anantapur. We 'okayed' it; dad and I returned home to Bangalore (Blr) at around 8.30pm. In an hour, we get a call from cousin that mom's eldest sister (doddamma) had expired in Yemmiganur (Ygr, ~30 kms from Manthralayam).

Feb 26: Dad leaves to Ygr. Last rites are performed for
doddamma. Raghu applies leave, but decides to stay back for couple of days as he falls sick. Meanwhile, I meet Kashi in the Jayanagar stadium. He reveals his heart-breaking story. It feels hard to digest.

Feb 27: To make things lighter, I share this: 'Folks, on popular demand, I'm sending an extract of the chat message where I had almost explained everything to a lady (X) about what went on when I went to "see" a girl in Ananthapur last Sunday...make out whatever you can! Irrespective of the outcome, I will always remember this as a memorable conversation with a nice girl (my first ever) - as such being a pathetic romantic at heart!'

Mar 1 (Thu): As a follow-up to Kashi's story, it becomes inevitable and tough - but I do breakup with a long standing friend, unsure if I will ever be able to repose my trust in her.
Sadly for my parents,
Uday and his family re-located their rented house away from our next-door house. They will be missed a lot!
On a happy note, Manohar (friend at office) became a proud father of a baby Princess...look she is so cute!

Mar 3 (Sat): Kashi finishes his last meeting with his Beloved and joins me, Shashi and Venki for some pure fun at the afternoon game of Carrom board. I leave to Ygr in the night to attend doddamma's 9th Day ceremony on 6th.

Mar 4: Reach Ygr and help out with the house-cleaning process with whatever I could.

Mar 6 (Tue): All relatives land for doddamma's 9th Day ceremony. In the evening, me and Raghu join doddappa to the Samadhi for a sort of last pooja. Me and Raghu breakdown, never thought we would - but that is when I realized that she is no was hard to sink in. Back home, the ceremony was finished and I left with Raghu to Blr.

Mar 7 (Wed): After dropping Raghu to the office bus, I had breakfast. Came home and tried to sleep - when I realized I was burning with 102-degree fever - along with headache and what not. Damn. Alone, helpless and restless.

Mar 8: Raghu (so sweet of him) took me to the doctor and ensured I got an injection for the throat infection and all. He didnt goto office to take care of me. Another day in the bed, though I had to pitch in with a few hours of office work in the evening.

Mar 9: Mom and dad finally arrived in the afternoon to my relief. By this time, dad said the father of the 'girl' I 'saw' last Sunday gave a silly reason that they are not interested. I called him up in the evening and returned the attitude in kind.

Mar 10: I've now caught on cold, with blocked nose and all...but better now.

We see all these colors and yet, sometimes cannot help but think life is dull, or rather colorless. Life can be hard, tough, unbearable, unpredictable - but you'll have to agree that we all live for those tiny seconds of great moments - just like the little greens and pinks above. In retrospect, they're worth all the trouble, I guess.

To end this sober post on a colorful note, take a look at this snap on Mar 3 - Raghu (extreme right) and his friends...
Rang barse...Holi, the festival of colors.

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