Saturday, June 23, 2007

Cold Friday evening and Sivaji

Rajinikant's movie Sivaji released on 15th June amidst too much hype. People wrote and spoke about how hard it was to get the movie tickets even at unbelievable rates. I watched it last night with Venki, spending 5 minutes in the queue and Rs.40.

What I liked was how my Friday evening had turned out. It was spontaneous, and like the good old crazy days where we did just about anything we wanted. The day was cold and chilled breeze hit us, with temperature hovering around 20 degree Celsius. We at office felt like munching something hot and spicy - and headed towards Madhavan Park near Jayanagar for mirchis and Capsicum bhajjis.

I later headed to Venki's house to be greeted with hot cup-of-coffee. What else does anyone want in that kind of weather? Perhaps, some romantic company - maybe, it'll happen sooner or later.

Then, we submitted ourselves to 3.5 hours of the Sivaji fantasy world. You don't go to Rajini's movie trying to worry about logic. You simply devour the Rajini-brand of colors, dialogues, fights, songs and the crazy-as-hell audience. If you don't know this brand, you would rate the movie at about 2 of 5. It's a tussle between Director Shankar's credentials and Rajini's style...with the latter winning as expected. Until the end - which is what I liked most - when both win on the strength's of each other. I must mention Vivek who sometimes overtakes Rajini at capturing the audience.

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