Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Letter To My Friend

Dude, I wanted to talk these things with you face to face, but don't think that's going to happen now. So, hopefully you will take some time, read it, print it, and read it over and over.

I don't have enough facts to be able to understand or judge your situation. So, I'll assume some things and try to make this as generic as I can. If you don't relate with something, just skip it.

Consider these some of the best practices - my idea is to tell you how some of us (including myself) deal with a situation or a dilemma. Or die trying. I really wish it will bring some clarity, some 'tilt' in your perspective and above all, a bit of peace.

Everyone MUST define happYness and success for him/herself. Is it the money, power, fame, friends, travel, music, or the people around us? Define the things which qualify as your success or happYness. Believe me, they are different for every one of us. And do NOT compare your success/happYness with others'. Remember, we're responsible for not only ours, but for the success/happYness of all people around us - in whatever the extent it can be.

Be CONTENT. It's a GIVEN that we cannot control over 90% of the things that happen with us. However, we CANNOT sit idle and wait for things to happen. The OTHER side of the coin is that we've little choice in choosing what we get, no matter how hard we wish/pray/want. We can only choose to accept them and be content, or refuse them and repent over lost causes. It's our choices, not our abilities that make what we are. Choose and stick to them.

Almost all of us work hard to choose the best of things for us and our people. And we can't quite make up our minds as to which is the best one, and thus end up in a dilemma. Everytime you have make a decision, take a step back. Take your time. Define what you mean by 'best'. Is it an optimum thing that satisfies all criteria? Can there be any such thing? I strongly believe NO. There ain't such a thing. Everything and everybody stinks at some point of time. What to do? Ahh, a damn good question. My friend says and I now try to apply it. Rather than worrying about an optimum solution, make what you think is a good-enough decision and work hard to make the best out of your decision. This can be classically applied to any dilemma situation.

We cross many bridges all along our lives. We pass some bridges routinely, every now and then. Some we want to, but we can't go back - they might just collapse anytime. Those are the bridges we must be careful about. From time to time, we must evaluate and cut them so it's good for folks on both sides. No one can help it.

Lastly, my friend, Life it too good and too valuable to allocate our time on things gone by. Just sit back and allow Life to take you on a ride. All the things that we crib today - money, job, etc - are very relative and after some time, all we remember is how we spent our precious time over these silly little things. We've got to make a commitment that we'll Live well. For our own sake and for the sake of all others who BELIEVE in us.

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