Monday, July 16, 2007

My Snaps featured on BBC, Schmap San Diego...!

Cheers, I now happen to be a Featured photographer and traveler...a few of my snaps feature in BBC show, Schmap San Diego and a few portals. Here are some extracts of the requests that came in to feature my snaps.


"Hello Sridhar, I am interested in using you photo of Kanyakumari (DSCN0294) for a television program. The series looks at the filming of an American drama called 'Heroes' which has a scene shot at Kanyakumari...We look at the drama 'heroes' and in one scene they filmed at Kanyakumari, we want to show images of Kanyakumari to show how they changed it for the drama. The program will initially be broadcast on BBC2 in the UK with the option of international repeats over 5 years."

I had to fax a signed permission for using my snap. Here's the one:


Schmap San Diego Third Edition

Ah, this brings back lots of unforgettable stories (I promise I'll tell you all some day :) and moments of my running around in San Diego...what a trip!

"Hi Sridhar, I am writing to let you know that eight of your photos with a Creative Commons license have been short-listed for inclusion in the third edition of our Schmap San Diego Guide, to be published later this month.
Short-listed snaps

Best regards, Luke Ritchie,
Managing Editor, Schmap Guides"

2 from this shortlist made it to the final edition - I love this one, it has my reflection on it!

"Hi Sridhar, I am delighted to let you know that two of your submitted photos have been selected for inclusion in the newly released third edition of our Schmap San Diego Guide:
San Diego Natural History Museum
Featured Snap 1
San Diego Natural History Museum
Featured Snap 2 "

IMG_0352 IMG_0327 - A portal on religion, et all

A few snaps from my AP trip this Jan '07 (oh yes, I'll write about it shortly) on this page: Page on Kasapuram, AP

IMG_0350 IMG_0348 IMG_0349
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