Friday, July 06, 2007

The Umbrella Trip to Gokarna

I suggest you look elsewhere for a travelogue of our schedule, what we did at what time, where we went, how to book rooms, what to eat, etc. Try Google Gokarna. I'm just going to share the blissful Journey - to and in Gokarna.
A Brief History of the Night Before Departure
The weather bureau was busy forecasting rain and thunder all around the place. AP, North Karnataka, Mumbai were flooding. We all knew it was not going to be any different anywhere we went. We just wanted to get out of the town. Somewhere. All we knew was we had to leave Friday night (29th June) and come back to Bengalooru by Monday morning (2nd July).
It was late night on Thursday. Shashi was in office and hungry. We had to book tickets to somewhere. We checked KSRTC and found tickets for either the onward or the return journey to Pondicherry and Gokarna. We decided against the former, citing Chennai's heavy downpour and lack of transport. With Shashi's help of a map, we found Kumta to be about 20 km's to Gokarna and tickets were available. No second thoughts there.
Riding the Gokarna (Jun - July 2007)
Riding the wave...from Left to Right: Venki (my mate from PUC, Christ College), me in blue with UVCE gang - Shashi and Mahen.
Cold, Chilled, Rainy Morning
It was 11.5 hours journey to Kumta from Bengalooru. Until late after midnight, me and Venki were still playing around when everyone else was trying to sleep. We woke up Shashi to ask him if he was sleeping. I sent an SMS to Mahen to ask what time it was, and asked Shashi to wake him up to check his message. And then I don't know when I fell asleep. I woke up at around 6AM to a cold and rainy morning. It was an eye candy to watch it from the cozy comfort of the bus. In between, we had a stopover for a steaming cup of tea and it did not disappoint us.
Cold chilly rainy morning IMG_0032
Green is magical in this part of the town - it's soothing and comforting to your Soul.
From Kumta, it turned out to be another 30 km's to Gokarna - another round of rain and greeneries. We got just in time to make it to the Mahabaleshwar Temple and then the free lunch (which made up for the breakfast and dinner, I thought). We headed to Gokarna beach, but then it was too windy and spoilt - we decided to hike up to Kudla beach.
IMG_0051 - Windy and spoilt Kudla beach
Day 1 - Kudla Beach
The thing about beaches here is that Kudla, OM and 2 other popular beaches are accessible in a serial fashion. Meaning, if you've to go to the 2nd beach, you've to pass the first one; and so on. Each beach can be reached after climbing up and down a hill (of course, 2 of the beaches are accessible by road, for the less adventurous). That's what makes the Journey hard and rewarding - you need to go through the lovely landscapes each time.
IMG_0060 - The Green Route to Beaches IMG_0061 - Standing tall and handsome
The view from the top of each of these hills is so honest, and unbelievable - it's there right in front of you.
IMG_0066 - Kudla beach under fiery rains IMG_0094 - En route Kudla and Om beaches IMG_0088 - Kudla beach View from the top
Day 2 - OM Beach
As I said earlier, we had to pass Kudla beach, find the right way, climb up and down another hill to reach the OM beach.
IMG_0153 - En route OM Beach IMG_0188 - Found it, the OM beach
En route, we lost our way, but who cares?
IMG_0161 - Lost our way, but who cares? 
Can you imagine this - the whole beach for almost ourselves? Boys went wild and played for long. No deadlines, no responsibilities, nothing to care about.
IMG_0193 - The OM beach is All Ours!IMG_0197 - Nothing to Care for 
Once More? I'm Game!
We expected the rains to spoil the trip for us, and had come prepared with umbrellas, except Mahen (who had to buy it here). As the boys put it, it really is the "Visa" to enter this town. You don't venture out without it. The rain here is so good, you can predict it. It rains hard for about 10 minutes, every 30 minutes or so. Especially at the OM beach, it was awesome to get 'cleaned-up' under the hard rain after playing in the sandy-beach.
Honestly, I did not expect this trip would turn out any good - forget about this great. But then, who is complaining? You live for these moments, and very few of others.
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