Thursday, August 16, 2007

My In-Dependence Day with Shailu: 15 Aug 2007

I dedicate this post to all the IMPORTANT folks who missed this event (including but not limited to): my brother Raghu, my buddies Venki, Deepak and Chandra. Miss you guys!

Well, I'm talking about my engagement with Shailaja (Shailu) on India's 60th Independence Day. After writing on the events of my friends, it's now my turn to speak for myself :)

I'm only going to share the snaps I've got at the moment - the professional photos clicked by Kashi on my Canon S3 IS camera. I'll keep spamming you all with the new ones and some of my own stories - as I get them online.

I'll say this: it's been an UNFORGETTABLE event of my life. I couldn't have asked God to have it turn this way.

The Journey

20 of my family/friends/colleagues/cousins had traveled with us on the train back and forth from Bangalore to Rayadurgam. It was 11hr journey and we didn't feel it at all. Non-stop, unlimited fun it was.

Mom with the ladies (below).

College Gang.

Buddies from Christ School, ex-colleague and cousins.


The Event

I was tense until it was all over and didn't know what to expect or how it would go - sleepless nights were/are common. By what has turned out, it was way beyond what I had expected. The arrangements, hospitality and food by the bride's group were appreciated by all I came across. Of course, the only tiring thing was the photo session we both had to stand through. After lunch at 3pm, we finally got to chit-chat with each other for a couple of hours - though in the middle of the crowd.

Auspicious Start.

Welcome from the Bride, Shailu.

Getting ready in the dressing room.

Exchange garlands and rings.


HHO Ops Gang (from office) - so sweet of them, they drove in Scorpio all the way through 250kms from Bangalore. Thanks for coming folks, I'll boast of this all my life :)

Cutting the cake...and ate it too!

With Mom, Dad and my In-Laws (sitting).

First meal together...late but Sweet :)

A BIG thank you to all who made it happen. See you all next on my Wedding Day on 05 Dec 2007.

Click here for the description and the complete album.
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