Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Surprisingly 'Swift'

It's been so long...and so this is a really long post.

It's been over 2.5 months since I last posted anything on this blog...but then, I know for a fact that it's not without a great reason. Time has given priority to my fiancée, Shailu, mostly - which also includes a private blog which has been in progress since my engagement in Aug.

Apart from that, I've worked really hard to pack in a surprise to most of you all - which is why I call this post Surprisingly 'Swift'! Yep, I bought my first car Swift Vxi - and it's obvious that yet another of my dreams has come true!

Fact sheet (in chronological order of events - I can't have enough of this!)

Previous Car driving experience - None.
Car Booking date - 5th Sep 2007 for Swift Vxi without ABS.
Dealer - Mandovi Motors, Lavelle Road.
Colour - Silky Silver.
Learner's License applied/received - 6th Sep 2007.
Car Driving lessons started (Santro) - 6th Sep 2007 with Deccan Driving School, Madivala.
Car Driving lessons ended - 22nd Sep 2007.
Car Driver's License test - 9th Oct 2007.
Date of Delivery - 24th Oct 2007.
Car Driver's License recieved - 25th Oct 2007.
Ganesha pooje for the Swift - 25th Oct 2007.
First drive to my office (Electronic city) - 25th Oct 2007.
Accessories loaded - 27th Oct 2007.
First long drive - 28th Oct 2007 (with Raghu, Kashi and Shashi, from Bangalore to Rayadurgam; 592kms @ 18.3kms mileage; driven only by me on the whole trip; a 'rocking' surprise to my fiancée and her family).
First shopping trip with my family - 29th Oct 2007 (for my wedding).

Snaps of 'Mile'-stones - Click here for the Collection of albums

Day 1 - Delivery & First drive on 24 Oct 2007: Click here for this album

@ Delivery
@ Delivery
Getting ready for the first drive
Mom and Dad at home

Ganesha Pooje and First day at office on 25 Oct 2007 - Click here for this album

@ Ganesha Temple in Madivala
First day at office

Loading it up with Accessories on 27 Oct 2007 - Click here for this album

With Raghu and Srinidhi @ Car Trendz at Mission Road
Installing Music player/speakers, AutoCop (Remote locking), Marble seat,Body cover, etc.

First Long Drive, Bangalore to Rayadurgam on 28 Oct 2007 - Click here for this album

This trip will be one of the biggest achievements and dream-come-true moments in my life. We took a lot of risk in having only me as the driver - because one of my friends pulled out literally at the last moment. It would've been heart-breaking to cancel the trip. It was planned since several months to be a very important drive, and it has exceeded all my expectations. I drove 4am to 12.30am next day (over 14 hours due to speed limitations of new car, 592 kms in all). Thanks to Raghu, Kashi, Shashi, and all families involved for showing the courage and keeping the faith in me!

On the other hand, it was awesome roads and weather throughout. We all had pure fun with music all the way. In between, we reached Rayadurgam at 12.30pm and had great lunch in my in-laws house. I took out Shailu for a cool drive and it was a big surprise to her and her family. Only tiring thing was the second half of the return drive, which was mostly due to on-coming trucks and rain.

That's me!
Awesome highway roads
We stopped now and then...for the scenic views.
Finally, Me and my Swift
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