Wednesday, March 05, 2008

How Is The Married Life - Part 1

[Today, 26-Mar]
Yesterday I was speaking to Manohar on how I need to manage Time better, and on my way back home, I was thinking about it. Started a different routine today, and started blogging - so it looks good so far. I figured I've lots more to blog on this topic and this will be Part 1 of the series.

[Written on 5-Mar]
Change is a good thing. Either you fall/learn or you enjoy. Both are good, but not all the time. I would like to take an objective look at how my life has changed since my wedding last Dec-07.

But again, I strongly believe that there is no such thing as a Good or a Bad thing. It all depends on who you're, how you're benefited by the events, when and where you're - we call it the perspective. So, I'm going to put everything down under a single list. You take a position on it. Fair enough?

  • In Good Company: It's great to have someone who can give you company like a friend and talk about anything under the sun. And be more to you, spending valuable moments together - all through Life. I call my wife my Best-Friend++.
  • More Responsibility: Of course I need to take good care of one additional person in my family. Anyone would take care of the family, isn't it?
  • Traveling has increased: Visiting In-laws/families/friends, tours, going around the town, taking-out guests, shopping, pilgrimage, attending events, and so on.
  • Expense has increased: Needless to say anything about it.
  • Eye on the Future: Dreams get bigger and bigger as you keep thinking of the future.
What Else Do You Want?

This is the time all this happens, and Life gets exciting with such a lot of events - on a daily basis. Take it when it comes your way. You may not be so busy later. Sometimes I miss fooling around with my time and money - doing the same things on weekends. Which I did for the last few years. Now, it's like I've a purpose and goal. Everything - time, money, shopping, eating, work and so on - is measured against parameters to indicate whether we're moving in the path we would like to move forward.

In short, Life becomes a little calculated than before. Spontaneity and surprises are more, and much better. How ironic?!!
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