Sunday, March 30, 2008

Unlocking Bengaluru

I'm sure the Unlock Bangalore campaign by The Times of India is disturbing many of us at a very personal level. We stare at the blame game and the daily dose of guilt for many of the problems and causes - of which, we're part of at some point of the other.

There is a lack of leadership in the Society at large - at the level of our neighborhood, streets, community and so on. There is election round the corner - we the people have a chance of getting our priorities known to the future government. Who is going to get the people together and take charge? Who is going to come out of the daily grind and be a lead? Are we a bunch of watchers? Are we a bunch of followers?

When MNC companies fail to deliver on their services, we call-their-centers and blast their front-line agents and managers. At the end, we get out work done - we fight for and get our due where ever it is due. All this happens at the personal level. Who can stand for the Society at large? Where have all the Leaders gone? Why should we leave our fate to the rotten politicians?

Is it time for another round of freedom struggle? I think so. Only this time, we are up against our own country-men.
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