Thursday, April 24, 2008

Finding Myself

Yesterday at office, I was in the middle of something with a long, dark stare at the screen ahead of me. A gentleman (you'll know why) came up to me...

"Hi Sridhar"
"Hi," I didn't know who was this chap.
"Do you know where is Senthil?" he asked.
"Hmmmm....????, I don't know," I said with a blank expression.

My eyes moved over to the ID card on his shirt and it read, 'Senthil...something.'

"Ok, thank you," he walked away.

It took a moment to realize what just happened. For the funny side, or some other reason, I keep thinking about this - and there are a lot of questions. And it doesn't look funny sometimes.
  • Was the gentleman looking for himself?
  • Why is he lost?
  • What does it mean to be lost?
  • Does it mean he's free, unaware of this World or just plain dumb?
  • How did he realize he has lost himself?
  • How is he going to find himself?
  • Will he be the same as before he got lost?
  • Do we all get lost anytime?
  • ??????
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