Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Swift faults - Part 1

Thanks to My Swift buddy, I had to face some 'faulty' moments. This is the 1st of 2 stories.

I had visited my in-laws in Rayadurgam early Feb-08. The drive was amazing and so was the weather. It was my first drive with my wife. And so it was special.

We had planned to go visit some places nearby and food, supplies were on for the story.

It was hot outside, and I think before everyone hops into the car, let me cool it. I switched on the AC blower and closed the door. Wait a minute. I thought something wasn't right. Let me check it...oops. The keys. They are inside!!! God, God, God, God, God...let the door sesame...nop. It will not open. The key bunch had both the manual and Auto-cop.

Frantic calls to Bangalore, Bellary for Maruti On-Road Service. After many of them, someone said the rear window need to be opened to get the keys out. I said, No way. Someone said with the auto-cop, we could open the door while on mobile. I called my dad...he managed to find the spare keys. This time, I prayed a lot more. It will not open. Finally, some common sense prevailed. My dad had to goto Bangalore bus stand and send the manual spare key with the driver of the evening bus to Rayadurgam.

We got the spare key in the mid-night. I was desperate to get into the car and go on a test drive. I was happy that the blower was off. Thought what technology - I thought it had auto-switched off. Ok, let me kick start the engine. Hold on. It will not start. Tried again. Again. Nop. I finally figured the blower had dried out the battery. Got to wait for the morning.

We got the mechanic and took out the battery. Got it charged for about 3 hours. Voila, there's my buddy, revving up and ready to move on.

And from then on, the brothers were separated - the manual key and the auto-cop key.

The best part is all this happened while the Swift was parked in front of the in-laws house overnight.
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