Wednesday, May 21, 2008

my new blog: everything is possible

Inviting you to my new new blog...feel good to experience/share. Read more.

Why WordPress?

From a long time, I've wanted to explore the other blogging sites and it was easy to make the choice when I wanted to start my new blog. From several surveys, has been rated the top blogging site ahead of

When I started using it, it was clear why the top ratings. Lot of customization, huge number of cool themes, widgets, blog stats, posts and pages. The icing on the cake was the perfect integration with the blogging client I already like - the Windows Live Writer.


Twitter is a simple blog where the blogger answers the question "What are you doing" in all the posts. It's 1-line blogging. It's cool, and you can post on your Twitter blog - by mobile phone SMS, GTalk client among others. See my I'mPossible twitter.

Now, coming to the fun part. On the left side of my new WordPress blog, what you see under 'I'm-Possible Words' is actually the RSS feed of my recent 5 posts on my twitter. How's that?!

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