Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Deepak's Son...Aditya Artal

Close on the arrival of Chandra's son Manish Aradhya, we've Aditya Artal, son of Deepak Artal and Reshmi. He was born on 26th June (IST, I guess) in NJ, USA.

Once again, Congratulations to my buddy and family...and of course, Cheers to Aditya - wishing you years of successfully chasing down your goals (and girls as well!), health and happiness.

View Deepak's Flickr album of Aditya, his mom and Reshmi, as well as a few videos on Orkut profile. Deepak, sorry I didn't get the chance to ask for your permission to publish your content (let me know if you want them removed).

PS: I can't help but feel sad that we're spread out far apart in the pursuit of various things. When will I play uncle to the kids of my buddies? When can I pamper them and make them brats? I hope I'll get my chance.

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