Monday, July 21, 2008

Swift Drive - Bangalore > Chennai > Pondicherry

The trip to Pondicherry had been in the planning for the past few years. It came about only last weekend - 19th and 20th of July. And it couldn't have been better - it was me, Raghu, my parents and Kashi.

While I publish pictures and details a little later, here's the custom Google map of our trip. Total distance covered was 885 kms.

Day 1: Bangalore > Vellore > Kanchipuram > Chennai > ECR > Pondicherry (~540 kms).

Day 2: Pondicherry > Tindivanam > Tiruvannamalai > Krishnagiri > Hosur > Bangalore (~345 kms).

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Shashi, we hope you meet your targets in the US - but we missed you buddy!

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