Monday, August 25, 2008

Hello Pune

The Journey

It was a long journey of ~ 6 hours from home to Tamanna Residency at Hinjewadi IT Park, Pune. It had 1.5 hours of taxi to BIAL Airport (~50 kms), 1.5 hours to board IT 415 Kingfisher Airliner, 1.5 hours of flight to Pune Airport (~800 kms) and another 1.5 hours of baggage claim + taxi to our accommodation (~30 kms), by which time it was 7PM (23-AUG-2008, Sat).

The Ground

From the top, just before landing, Pune looked green and it was easy on the eyes. On the ground at 5.30PM, we were greeted by a pleasant Sun (~25 degrees C) in the company of chilled breeze. While in the taxi, we were in the company of a Pune-native who kept talking to my father about his town all the while like a guide and when he got off at Kothrud, he mentioned that he has been a lecturer, Principal and registrar of a few universities. Hmm!

The roads were small, sign-boards in Hindi, Army Cantonment in most areas, an equal mix of traditional and trendy people/suburbs, and all the vehicle registrations in MH (Maharashtra). I kept looking frantically for a KA (Karnataka) or any non-MH name plates. But what the hell, I could hardly find a hand-full of non-MH vehicles, and just when I thought I could be the only one to ride a KA two-wheeler, a red top-less convertible Mercedes Benz zipped past through us. And it was a KA-01 (Koramangala). That was cool!

The First Day

We didn't have a great night's sleep, so we woke up to the complimentary breakfast next morning (24-AUG-2008). To our delight, we were served Idly/Vada, Upma/Dosa and it was not bad at all. We went for a walk looking for my office Siemens. It was a 10-minute walk after passing through the huge campuses of Infosys and Wipro alongside the road. We found IIIT and Symbiosis ahead of our hotel. When we were back to our room, I made some calls to some real estate agents. I was really hoping to get my bike in the morning so we could explore nearby residential areas, but it was not to be. The lunch was the only event of the day, and we enjoyed it - some nice food there.

Tomorrow - 25th Aug 2008

It's a new beginning and I'm looking forward to it. And hopefully we will be able to find a nice place which I'll call my home for the next few months.

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