Monday, August 18, 2008

Pune Calling

The Illusion

In one of the war movies, I heard that the dearest bond one shares with after one's family/friends is the love for homeland. In the past few weeks, this has been ringing in my head and it's getting stronger by the minute. I can feel the sense of loss, the pain of moving away from my home, family and friends. Perhaps it's just the butterflies in my stomach or I'm just another sentimental fool. I'm just sailing with the wind and will go wherever it blows me, hoping there's a tiny little island just waiting for me to explore.

The Reality

I've spent the last 5 years in a single organization and with a heavy mixed-bag of experiences, I'm now moving to another company in Pune. I'll be flying there this Saturday (23-AUG-2008, 4PM IST) with my dad. The company has arranged for our initial accommodation in Hinjewadi IT Park, close to office. Once we get there, we'll look for a rented house near Wakad and then shift the household articles. My wife is expected to join me soon after that. Meanwhile, I've managed to get the No-Objection-Certificate from RTO Koramangala so that I could transfer my two-wheeler as well. For continuity of my routine and communication, I bought myself a Compaq CQ50 106AU notebook (AMD+2GB RAM+Dual-core DVD Writer - actually, now I realize I may not be able to live without one!). Will keep you guys posted on this story as it unfolds.

And somewhere in between, I'll just close this post saying I'll be back sooner or later :)

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