Monday, October 13, 2008

Life's Back to Routine Pune, after over 1.5 months (well, almost!). The neighborhood shops serve well for daily groceries, a few acquaintances in the society (aka collection of apartments in a single complex), the Internet broadband connection from Tata Indicom, BigTV DTH from Reliance, Wikimapia for maps, and colleagues to help with local pointers. Pending items include paying road tax for my two-wheeler (I was caught twice by the cops, had to pay him off once), getting my car serviced and interior maintenance at home.

What happened so far? (not in any particular order)

  • My wife joined me on 8-Sep-2008 along with her mother and brother. The same weekend, goods arrived from home in Bangalore and we're settled quite well now.
  • I went to Bangalore with Shaila on 2nd-3rd Oct. Stayed for 2 days, then drove back in my Swift with parents to Pune over the next 2 days (890kms). We stayed at relatives' place in Ranibennur and...well, that's a story for another post.
  • We visited Balaji Temple, Narayanpur on Dasara (9-Oct-2008), 60kms from my home in Pune.
  • We made a 1-day trip to Khandala-Lonavala (12-Oct-2008), drove for about 150kms on the whole trip. This time, we joined Rajesh (my cousin Sunil's friend) and family.

What next? (Is this going to be another ToDo-list on paper...I hope not!) 

  • Explore Pune/outskirts.
  • Form a fitness regimen.
  • Understand my career domain and related potentials.
  • Learn the guitar my brother gifted me 2 years back for my birthday (he's pissed I ignored this for so long). I carried it on the car-drive from Bangalore to Pune, despite the overloaded luggage.
  • And ofcourse, blog a lot more.
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